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Im waiting upgrade for iOS 7


1D Filtering always filters for a whole week.



Looks like radar ;)

But fortunately just on screenshots that still depict old version... Not bad after all

2002 er

2002 error

Doesn’t work

It used to work while crushing from time to time, but not anymore. 🤦🏻‍♂️


Doesn’t work 90% of the time. Why bother.

App Doesn’t work even though it’s supposed to be Compatible

i own an iPhone 7+ and I am not able to login to my iTunes connect since I received this device. I keep receiving the error code (2002) and would Like to know how to fix this issue so it can be used. I have attached a screenshot so you guys can see what it looks like exactly. i am not sure if this is only my device or all the iPhone 7 Plus devices. Perhaps this can be addressed during the next app update??? Please and thank you.




When trying to see sales for individual albums, it’s impossible. It’s hard to find and when you do find, it’s glitchy and doesn’t always work.

Terrible don’t download

This app is absolutely terrible and a complete waste of time. Do not download

Improvements needed

I hope to see bug fixes by October 31.

Piece a trash

I make music which is on itunes. I can log in my computer but on my phone it doesn’t allow me to even log in.

Crapple Creeping App

Trying to get the iTunes music I paid for and that shows “purchased” on iTunes to download to my iPhone. After an hour of trying all of the Apple tech support “fixes” including downloading this crap app, still no results. Apple should be fined for the hourly rate wasted by their customers trying to re-claim content stolen by Apple. Their OS developers are not required to make updates compatible with iTunes and their iTunes Store app. Pathetic. And your own music gets sucked up into the iCloud randomly so you have to pay for more iCloud storage that you don’t want or need to use. Nickel and dime your users so that the Apple company brand is a laughing stock like B of A. You had a good run.

Can't sign in

I go through all the sign in requirements and it doesn't let me get in to post a podcast.

I sell apps, not books. Where is my app data?

I use this to track the apps I build. Now it says I have no products (I checked the App Store, I still do). The screenshots and description seem like this is an app for book and music publishers now. No mention of apps or app developers now. Where did the app developer UI go?????

This app is POINTLESS

iTunes connect is not responsive on mobile. Upon signing in, the acknowledgment form doesn’t make the buttons accessible. I figured downloading the app would be an easy fix. Nope! Upon entering my Apple credentials I received an error #2007 which states ‘iTunes Connect Mobile is not supported for your content’ huh? What exactly does that mean? I suppose Apple only wants their beloved Mac users to have access to iTunes Connect. The rest of us are relegated to their pompous runaround

So good

I am extremely sad that Apple stopped supporting this app for the new Connect app which is much less useful. In this iTunesConnect app, I was able to see the useful stats really past and be done with looking at the data quick. But in the next Connect app, I cannot see the stats very fast not thoroughly. Can’t believe Apple thinks that the new Connect app is better than this ITunesConnect app. Apple, please bring this app back. Connect app has way too big graphs and I need to drill down so much to see data - what a waste!


This is is terrible. It keeps giving an error message telling me my Apple ID isn’t associated with a content provider when it in fact is.


Can’t even log into the app

Can’t get open it

It just can not be opened , repeatedly have you reset password and passcode and never go anywhere. Bad Hope Apple can solve the problem

Can’t even sign in

This is trash... can’t even sign in to look at the stats for my podcast...

Isn't it!

Latest update was to the website to be appstoreconnect why now it is still itunesconnect?? Please let us add our version to review after processing!

iPhone X?

Why is this app not updated to support Face ID and iPhone X dimensions?


No use. Most tasks require a computer. Don’t recommend it. Very slow.

Allow user to accept terms in the app

Can not login to the app without accepting new terms. That's ok. However the issue is there is no way to accept terms in the app. The app makes the user go to iTunes connect (AppStore connect) web site to accept terms. A better flow would be, when the user logs in to the app and the terms are not accepted, present them With the UI to accept terms and let them login. I will raise the rating to 5 if that flow is implemented.

Pretty useless

Don’t waste your time.

Now can’t log in! Also confusing, need more features

As of June 2018 I can’t log in after my session expired, citing the laughable “need to agree to terms and conditions (2004)”. Even the link on this app’s page in the store can’t be opened, claiming it needs to restore the old “iTunes Store” app first!? Apple, abandonment couldn’t be more clear here. Now for my original review... This app should make available all the information that a developer needs. If it even made available a fraction of that information, it would be useful. Unfortunately it is extremely confusing and the data is minimal. It’s also really weird which features were prioritized for this app, e.g. you can reject a binary in one tap (does anyone do this from mobile?) but can’t even edit your app details!? Right off the bat I thought I wasn’t logged in or something because the entire category for counting downloads is MISSING when you haven’t published yet (or sometimes later, whenever it has any issue connecting to iTunes). Sorry, that’s bad UI; keep the tab there, even if all it can do is display a message like “no data” or “can’t connect”. The whole “show differences” numbering scheme for downloads/updates/etc. is bizarre, and I have to scroll and tap all over the place to form a complete picture. What is wrong with just showing me everything that’s changed chronologically for a given app? Finally, this app should be updated much more frequently! It “should” be one of the key tools for developers (and frankly we pay Apple enough to expect better tools).

Really man !!!

This app charge me $5+ an I didn’t even purchase it, I never click on this App, plus this app won’t even open up, smh this is terrible, I need my money in which you basically stole from me.. not cool..


The only reason I have this app downloaded is to get notifications when my app is in review. The UI is lacking and non-intuitive, it’s features compared to its desktop version is subpar, and to make matters worse it is not optimized for the iPhone X, it’s own product. The users of the app could ideally make a better product themselves than the engineers that designed this.

Need easier way to add beta testers

There is no way to add beta testers through this app? It is very difficult to add beta testers through iTunes connect website and the site is not mobile friendly at all. There needs to be an easier way to add them via email or cell number so they can quickly add our app for testing. Add this to this app please!


Not updated for iPhone X, and lacks functionality

Thoughts on this app

I thought this app would be fantastic as well. HAHAHA you can’t login and when you are almost logged in you get kicked off. At this moment I am trying to log on I’m absolutely sure I got kicked out Sure did! This app is the most aggravating and redundant time consuming log on apps. Trust, kick this app to the curb before you lose your mind!!!!

ITunes Connect

I can’t open it. States my password isn’t a match. Password works elsewhere!

It won’t even let me log in

This is the trashiest app from apple by far

I can’t sign in to use it.

I recently put a podcast on the podcast app. I was looking forward to using this app to see how things are going. It won’t let me sign in. Keeps saying “no provider associated with iTunes connect user.” Super bummed!

Why am I being charged weekly $$$

When I go to my credit cards I’m being charged anywhere from $1.39 to $12 weekly sometimes every three day . there’s no customer service when you call the number it says to go to the website to see why you’re being charged for subscription automatically renews monthly . I’ve never signed up for any subscription

Annoying bug

The Trends tab has a bug where it just shows 0's no matter how many downloads my apps have gotten. If I click on individual products and view Trends there, I can see that there have been downloads. Good app otherwise. Really like the notifications when my app changes status (In Review, etc.). Just need to fix this bug. Edit: Apple should just make this open source and let the development community fix it. They have clearly abandoned it.


I cannot even use my Apple password that I established when I purchased my iPhone to utilize this app nor can I even change it. What a waste!!!

Refuses to work

This is poorly coded ,or just doesn’t work.

App broken

There is no response from RESOLUTION CENTER in the app which is suppose to connect with developer. There are Four messages sent through app and one from browser. Totally no response.

Update Desperately Needed

I use this app all the time. Like many others I’d like to see the one day view come back to the main page instead of the running 7D view that we have now. The fact this app does not natively support the iPhone X still (in April 2018) is disgraceful.

Update it to iPhone X

Update the display to your new Device, can’t imagine that, this is your device and app and you still didn’t update the UI to fit the X


About as useful and well designed as the iTunesConnect website I guess.

Needs So Much Work

Downloaded the app and it doesn’t even open, screen turns black.

Not updated for iPhone X?

Crazy that Apple tells all developers to update for safe areas in there apps, yet this app hasn’t clearly been updated.


The app won’t even let me sign in. Keeps throwing an error when I log in.

Hey Apple

Apple, you can do better much more. You know well. Why aren’t you doing? Just 2 stars are matched with your honor? Why do decision makers in Apple just sit on their hands with this for a long long time? Why?

Piece of crap

Shame on Apple for having the audacity to offer this piece of crap to developers. Doesn’t get an update in years.




I can’t believe this is an Apple app not working like this. I would like to be able to see the statistics of the music I Have posted

Game Center.

My info entered is correct. Will not accept. Bad app

Just put it out of it’s misery already

This app has basically been abandoned. It could do so much as a companion to TestFlight but instead it has been ignored, not even updated to support the iPhone X. Apple should either completely revamp it or kill it. There is little to no value in what it currently offers.

Please Fix

Recently my ‘Products’ tab is broken. It says “Recent products unavailable. Server is unavailable”. I deleted the app, reinstalled, and also signed out and back in. Because of this, I cannot look in to reviews or other details per app.

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