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Authentication error

An error occurred while trying to call the requestes method authenticateSockeyeClient. (1272) is the message I see since today on both my iPad 3 (ios 7.1.2) and iphone 6 (ios 8.4). Annoying isnt it ? Thanks for your quick reaction. Best

Not working !

Unable to connect my account (error 2k2)

Where are the trends?

Since the last update, the trends have disappeared, making the app kind of useless...

Trends missing

Cant see the trends anymore. Serious bug Apple.

Crash all the time

The application is crashing all the time ... What a pity from Apple.

Incredibly buggy

It crashes each time I try to use it. Its difficult to believe that this app is really designed by Apple in California... ;-)


Very limited, only show number of downloads. Apple can do more...

Session expired

Almost every time I get the session expired error so I cant login...

Simply useless

This app is even worse than the webpage (which wont open on iPhones)


Loading very slow

The app doesnt work

I have downloaded the app on my iPhone 6 Plus but It shows the login screen like a picture, with no actions no matter where I touch. I have removed the app and downloaded again but had the same result. I tested it on an iPhone 5 and an iPad, on those devices it worked just fine.

Could be better

Now we have 7D and 1W ... Confusing .. Where is the Yesterday ? When you get actual month the comparation is with full last month ... This is not helpfull ... the variation must be always with same number of days ..

Worst case Update

This is the worst case scenario. The app is taking forever to load, it is cluttered with labels which are very confusing, and to top it all, you cant change the date anymore. If you pick 1D which stands for 1 day, you get the whole last week. Fix this asap! how could someone like this ever and I mean ever go through any testing process. Im a developer and Im mad as hell...

This update is just


Update because of Trends

And now they are gone. More quality control please...

Quite a lot of potential

I use this app every day. It provides quite useful informations and even advantages compared to the web version (ratings for current version). However I do miss some functionality. The most important ones are: custom date ranges for reports and a ratings dashboard/feed to check the latest ratings independent from country. The last versions definitely have improved the experience but there is still room for improvements. EDIT: TouchID not working anymore, trends too slow and completely confusing. What have you done Apple?!?

Login disabled

I cant login to the app since tapping the email and password form fields doesnt do anything and the sign-in button is disabled. (iPhone 5s) Unfortunately the app is pretty much useless this way.

Want "last day" stats back again

What is the difference between 7D and 1W?! I want the "last day" (1D) view back again!

Not acceptable that 1 Day data is gone !!!!!!!

I am developer and what I need is to see who downloaded my App on the day before! Really dissapointed about this 7D non-sense.

Trends showing two years back

The current date range is by default two years back and there is no way to change it to current date.

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